Swine Guild: Once a Pig, Always a Pig

2 min readJul 14, 2021

The founders of Swine Guild would like to open up this blog post with a brief prayer:

In west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days.


Hey fellow NEAR hogs and boars! Swine Guild founders here. We thought we would venture out from communicating solely through memes and give you guys the lowdown on what we’ve been up to since our launch in June: nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Just Kidding!

Yesterday, we posted a poll on Twitter to help us choose the next meme contest theme! There’s so much going on in the NEARverse right now that we needed some assistance from the community to decide the topic. The poll is still active and running, please click the tweet below to vote and help us hype the shit out of this next contest:

Speaking of deciding, we, the Swine Guild, decided that our success means that NEAR has the best, richest, and most comprehensive humor and meme content on the great big web. We’ve been working on enhancing the precision, timing, and overall content flow of memes in the NEAR Ecosystem, not only through making our own memes, but by encouraging and fostering the meme culture that has cropped up even more since our initial launch. We pay attention to specific moments in crypto and NEAR history to be able to perfect our timing and increase overall visibility of the many facets, projects, and community movements that go on in this flourishing place in the cryptoverse. We’ve completed several meme requests through our meme request form on our website, for members of the NEAR Team, other NEAR Guilds, and members of the community we don’t even know. That’s right, we make memes for randos, and we don’t ask questions. We just do it.

Here are some examples of the kind of work we do on a weekly basis:

Memes for Ecosystem Updates:

Memes for Partnerships:

Memes to Promote Events:

Memes about Projects:

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